Topics of Group Discussion

Sibling Rivalry.

Ragging should be banned in colleges.

There is nothing wrong in healthy ragging.

G D exams are  the best way to asses the ability & knowledge of students.

Is it possible for government to ban alcoholism.

New fashions in diets and execises are more concerned with commercial purpose than with health & fitness.

What qualities should be there in a good friend.

Do you think is one who can help you in any circumstances.

A sensible enemy is better than a foolish friend . Do you agree?

Internet has completely change our life style.

living in a city is better than living in a country.

Why are sports/games neglected in our country?

If you were to be a representative for sports and games separately, who will it be why?

Personality Assessments.


Role play

You are sourabh and you work for an MNC. you have been a part of the organization for the past 5 months and being a very enthusiastic young man, you are liked in the office and have a big group of friends. Karim joined the organization and as in the same team as yours. One-day karim wants to go home early for some not so important reason and he wants you to punch out for him. You refuse Karim develops a grudge for you & wants to create problem for you. So he goes backbiting about you to his close friends. One of your close friends realized that Karim is creating problems for you. He informs you of the same.

You r dull & disappointed. You prepared well for the interview but did not get through. You wanted this job desperately because it would do wonders to your cases. Saw a fresh Management student you could not have asked for anything else. You now feel that life is not worth hiring. Your brother comes to take to you.

Your friend grumbles that the curriculum followed in our schools & colleges is not dated &is not in time with the changing times would you sport him.

Your grand parents but that play schools & pre schools are a bank. Commence them saying that they are the need of the hour.



General introduction of the students likes and dislikes.

Indian movies.

Cricket manias in India.

Influence of parents.

My hobbies and special interests.

Importance of communication.

Importance of book reading.

Job opportunities today.

female infanticides.


The dowry system in India.

Mock Interviews

Interviews a common man to find out about traffic problems.

A student pursuing MBA with a salesman of mithra agencies in Maharashtra.

Interview with an official in the municipal corporation.

Interview a traffic policeman.

A press conference with superstar.



Origin of sports & games in India.

Exact a scene from in India, which highlights the bonding among siblings.

Child labor.



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